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To all
And interested citizens


Foto aus 2019, Gäste aus Belgien im Kreis Herford

“Move for Dementia 2023” – open singing for young and old

Dear Sir or Madam,

First of all we would like to give thanks to all initiatives for their participation in recent awareness campaigns for “Move for Dementia”.
Unfortunately we could not realise the campaign in 2020/21 because of the Covid-19 pandemic. In the follow-up of all campaigns all participating initiatives conceived this campaign not only as a message but also as a strong signal to the community. Because of that and the request to repeat the campaign with offers, such as a cultural breakfast, drinking coffee in the afternoon, dancing makes you fit, boule, hiking, jogging, … in 2022, we would like to do so on 3th of September 2023. We are really looking forward to engage in the 5th awareness campaign “Move for Dementia” as well as to assist you with further questions and the preparation of your posters.
We will also write to all local alliances, dementia-friendly communes and EDIF with the request to consider participating in the campaign and to forward it to other interested initiatives or communities. More information about the campaign you can find here: www.enger-menschenfreundliche-kommune.de

We would be pleased to have you as a partner on 03.09.2023 again at our side and remain with warm greetings

Manuela Schock             Jürgen Müller                Günter Niermann
(Haus Stephanus)    (Landrat Kreis Herford)    (Generationentreff Enger)